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Creating Personalized
Financial Education

Sprout Learning is an upcoming education platform to empowering youth to effectively learn financial literacy with machine learning.

A New Way to Learn

Sprout Learning will make use of a vast financial literacy curriculum and cater its structure to the goals and prior knowledge of our users. By making a personalized learning path for unique to users, we can empower them to effectively take charge and reach financial freedom.

Structured Curriculum

Our content is designed to walk newcomers and veterans alike through a vast pool of intersecting financial topics.

Convenient Learning

Our platform will extend to both web and mobile devices to ensure users can learn their way.

Analytical Approach

Our platform will structure its questions to topics our user needs to most guidance on to ensure the user learns everything they need to make capable financial decisions with confidence.

Impactful Learning Methods

Inside our curriculum, finance topics will be covered with various styles and difficulties to ensure users are exposed to a variety of financial situations to strengthen their knowledge.

We're Hiring!

Have Questions?

We are in the early stages of our application and would love to connect over our goals and how you might contribute to Sprout Learning.